HI, I’M Shanay

"So why photography?"

A question I have been asked a lot. I've always wanted to be an artist. I've never been good at drawing. Couldn't paint either. Tried music for a while. That didn't stick. I liked writing. I wrote a lot. Poems and short stories. But nothing clicked quite as effortlessly as photography. For me, it wasn't about the mechanism in my hand but rather my subject.

I've always loved people. I get my energy from people, and I love investing in people's lives. God calls us to love His people the same way He does. That's why it's my passion. It's the memories. The value it holds for the people who it belongs to.

Time is ever so fleeting, and one moment we're living it, and the next, it's a distant memory. Photography is just a tool to extend that feeling and to be able to share that gift with someone?

That's the best part of it all.

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Over the years, my style has evolved, yet one thing remains constant: the heart with which I capture stories. For the past eight years, I've been on a journey, seeking photos that resonate with genuine emotion while maintaining finesse. In a world of fleeting trends, I've always leaned towards timeless elegance and consistency.

For me, people are at the heart of every photograph. That's why I don't just focus on the stunning portraits that grace wedding albums, but also on the authentic, organic moments that unfold throughout the day. My aim? To ensure that your wedding day doesn't feel like a photoshoot, but rather like your wedding day—documented with a blend of heart and finesse.

When he realised I was taking a photo of him, he flashed me the biggest smile and did a little wave with both his hands. I smiled, packed up my gear and went home. A month after I delivered the full gallery to the bride I got a call from her. Her uncle passed away and she wanted to thank me for the photo I took of him. "We used it as the photo for the funeral and it just completely showcased his personality and heart so well. It's the most precious photo in our entire gallery, thank you."

From that day on, I never second guessed whether I should take the photo. Take the damn photo! Use it, don't use it. But you never know how much a moment means until it's gone. That shifted my whole approach of storytelling to include everyone who was there and not just the bride and groom.

The intimacy between souls. The quick glances and anticipation of moments. The fleeting romances and tearful reunions. We will never have those moments again. We will only have the memories.