A little bit about me

My mom bought me my first camera when I was 16. I was invited on a trip with a friend to the Kruger National Park (my first time ever) and my mom was so cool that she got me a Fuji film camera. Honestly, I had no idea how the thing worked but that didn’t stop me trying to take cool photographs and always trying to get the cool shot. Straight out of high school I went on to go study film and screen acting (because I’ve always kind of wanted to be the next Charlize Theron). In my first year I got a role in one of the final year students films and the director told me that if I wanted to really tell stories I should pick up photography as a hobby. I rolled my eyes (because every second person in Pretoria was a photographer at that time) but later on I took his advice. I did a photography course outside of Open Window where I met a photographer who introduced me to the world of wedding and lifestyle photography.

And well, I guess I can say the rest is history, but it really isn’t. It was a lot of hard work trying to do photography full time and studying two degrees at the same time but by the grace of God I managed to do both and finish my degrees.


I thought this job was going to be so glamorous. Travelling, exploring, meeting awesome people (and I do, do all of that) but it’s a lot of hard work. Emailing clients 12 o’clock at night because a bride is freaking out about something. Having your weekends be your workdays and only when the wedding ends and the guests leave that’s really when my work starts – in the editing suite.

But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I mean, I get to tell love stories for a living! I think I’m kind of like Nicholas Sparks in a way except the love stories I get to tell are real.  That is my whole approach. Real, raw storytelling. My great passion is to tell stories through the art of my lens and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Look I’m going to be real with you. I’m not into getting that perfect shot where you put your earring on or where you spray your perfume majestically. I’m there to capture the moment your grandmother sees you for the first time in your dress and a tear rolls down her cheek. Or when your dad sees you and you take his breath away. The look you share with your sister just before you walk down the aisle. The moment it starts raining on your wedding day and while all the guests are running inside we run outside to go dance and capture you kissing your new husband in the rain. That’s what I’m all about.
The real stuff.

So if you are looking for a wedding photographer look the other way. You won’t find one here.

Because I'm not just another vendor.

I put my whole heart and soul into every image I produce. I build personal bonds with clients that become friends. I can’t tell you how many times I was the one helping the bride getting dressed or did the bridesmaids hair because we were running out of time. I’m not just another photographer, I’m your sixth bridesmaid. Your co-wedding planner and adviser. Your #1 cheerleader on your wedding day and I’ll be there reminding you all the way just how smoking you look. I’m your friend.

So let me say this

I’m Shanay. I love The Office, Friends, sushi and coffee (not together though) and I’m always keen for a Mojito or a Daquiri. I hate snakes and weird textures and I always sleep with my feet outside the duvet covers.

I’m a hopeless romantic, wandering soul and a travel junkie and after your wedding you can find me on the dance floor celebrating with you! My great passion is to tell stories through the art of my lens and capturing the real moments that count and memories that will last a lifetime. So please allow me to tell your story.

With love, Shanay xoxo

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