The heart I've been capturing stories with for the past ten years, has remained
the same.

At sixteen, I received my first camera, not knowing its workings, yet determined to capture moments. In my grandfather's garden, surrounded by the well-manicured landscape, I remember the scent of freshly cut grass and the warm sun filtering through leaves during that autumn day. It was a place my mother had grown up. As the  multicoloured leaves descended, I asked my sister and mom to playfully toss them into the air.

Their trust in my vision, their laughter, and sheer joy ignited something within me. It was the sense of freedom and security combined, a glimpse of what love meant. Over the years, I've filled journals, pasting photos of family, friends, cherished memories, along with poems and short stories. Reflecting now, I see my style and mediums of storytelling has evolved yet one constant remains -

When he realised I was taking a photo of him, he flashed me the biggest smile and did a little wave with both his hands. I smiled, packed up my gear and went home. A month after I delivered the full gallery to the bride I got a call from her. Her uncle passed away and she wanted to thank me for the photo I took of him. "We used it as the photo for the funeral and it just completely showcased his personality and heart so well. It's the most precious photo in our entire gallery, thank you."

From that day on, I never second guessed whether I should take the photo. Take the damn photo! Use it, don't use it. But you never know how much a moment means until it's gone. That shifted my whole approach of storytelling to include everyone who was there and not just the bride and groom.

The intimacy between souls. The quick glances and anticipation of moments. The fleeting romances and tearful reunions. We will never have those moments again. We will only have the memories.

"Everything about your wedding should be genuinely you. So why settle for mementos that don’t feel like you?"

While I love spending my time documenting memories for others, I'm more than just a photographer—I'm a wife, friend, sister, daughter, and devoted mom.

My husband and I share a deep passion for cinema, savouring the entire cinematic experience, from the scent of popcorn to the post-film discussions that goes on for hours.

I love to invest in worthwhile experiences. Therefor offering my clients a good and personalised experience is vital to me. Maya Angelou once said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". That resonates profoundly with me.

My clients find themselves at ease in front of the camera due to the sense of comfort and stress free environment I create for them.

I adore "pretty photos," especially editorial ones, but my true passion lies in capturing the moments that make you feel alive and deeply moved. I draw inspiration from who you are as a couple, your love languages, personalities, and unique quirks, ensuring your wedding reflects your genuine selves.

Think of me as your sixth bridesmaid and your hype team – I'm here for the real, raw, and unscripted moments, making your wedding truly you.

1. I'm happiest when surrounded by my friends and family.

2. Romantic comedies are my favourite back ground 
    movies to watch while editing.

3. I love wine. Red or white. We can go wine tasting
   any day.

4. Add champagne to the list too!

5. I'm a massive foodie and I love to cook!

6. I really enjoy karaoke (a little too much!)

7. My love language is gifts! I love to spoil people and
    make them feel good and valued.

8. I can also go for sushi. Anytime, anywhere.

9. My heart will also feel a little happier at the beach.

10. I value discipline, being on time and vulnerability. 

Your wedding photographs will eternally mirror my unique viewpoint of your special day - which is why it's so important that we share a connection.