Time is ever so fleeting so let's make it count by documenting our victories and moments.

Photography has given us a way to relive moments gone by and by giving us a keepsake to hold onto forever.

That's why your love, your story should feel like you. 

photographs that feel like you

A love like no other

Upon enquiring I would love to set up a zoom call to make sure we are a good fit. At the end of the day, you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else. That's why it's important that we have great chemistry.

what my wedding process looks like

During the months leading up to the wedding I will help you plan your engagement shoot (locations, outfits and ideas) and help with planning your timeline, vendor suggestions and any other advice you might need,

Once you're on your honeymoon, you can expect a preview in your mailbox within 2-7 days and share that however you please. Within 10-14 weeks from your wedding I will deliver the full gallery and walk you through the process of finalising your prints and/or album. After that, check your mail because there is a special package waiting for you!



On the day of your wedding I will rock up with my A game and my bright personality to truly get you into the celebratory mood! I will guide and stand back when needed and just document how you are having the best day ever. 



wedding investments starting at R 25 000

your day,
just how you
experienced it

“from laughing hysterically to emotional loving crying - I cannot express enough how you've captured every sort of emotion of the most social day we've had to date.”

Lee & Chris

for the families

Whether you are growing your family, celebrating a big birthday or remembering what life is all about. Every phase of your life should be documented. My family sessions offers a 45 min or 60 min session to document a slice of your life.

A tip for your session! Make is personal. Do it at a place that is dear to your heart. Maybe where you had your first date or at your home. The moment we add sentiment to our photographs it means so much more.

Memories of a lifetime starting from R 4000

for the lovers

My favourite place is to be in the arms of my lover for I know it's a place I feel safe and loved.

That feeling should be captured and hung on all the walls to be a reminder of how much we are loved and the sacred bond shared. 

My couple sessions start at R 4000 for a 45 min and your fur babies are always welcome to join. 

lifestyle sessions for the every day moments

your SOUL





What if I told you that you can make your passion your day job?

That what feeds your soul, can become your main focus. 

During my mentor sessions we focus on a wide variety of subjects specially focused on areas where you can grow.

Dig deep into my years of experience and let me help you level up your client, photography and business skills.


helping you become a better entrepeneur

+ branding

How to create and develop your niche and how to position yourself in the market.

Mentor Sessions 

+ marketing

How to use marketing to book the cliental you want and how to use it to connect with your future clients.

+ how to evoke real emotion

How to create an environment for your clients to be more comfortable in front of the camera and to enjoy the process of being photographed.  

+ editing

+ client experience

+ pricing and contracts

Struggling to get timeliness skintones and a cohesive editing style? Let me show you how. 

Client experience is the reason why clients return. Let's elevate yours and pin point how your experience is going to stand out.

How to price yourself in the market to create a profit and have solid contracts in place to protect yourself and your clients.

Let me help you with:

After 7 successful Greene Bear Affair Workshops I'm introducing my new and latest workshop -

The Business Workshop for Photographers.

This workshop is curated for the photographer who is more advanced and is struggling with the business side of photography. 

Because after all, it doesn't help you're an amazing photography but unsuccessful at doing business.

Let's change that!


the business workshop for photographers

at Cipresso
R 7000 pp

21-22 Jan ' 23